Pls review 7116481 (S)

Paul Hohensee paul.hohensee at
Wed Nov 30 09:25:54 PST 2011

Reversion on the way.


On 11/30/11 12:19 PM, Dr Andrew John Hughes wrote:
> On 15:32 Tue 29 Nov     , Paul Hohensee wrote:
>> 7116481: Commercial features in Hotspot must be gated by a switch
>> Commercial features (those for which Oracle charges for production use,
>> though
>> not for development and/or evaluation) must be gated by a "master" -XX
>> switch.
>> It works in the same manner as the existing UnlockDiagnosticVMOptions and
>> UnlockExperimentalVMOptions switches, so the new switch's name is
>> UnlockCommercialVMOptions.  A commercial() macro designates which
>> switches are gated by UnlockCommercialVMOptions.  I added a single
>> commercial() -XX flag named FlightRecorder, which does nothing, but
>> will eventually gate use of the Java Flight Recorder now under development.
>> Webrev here:
>> Tested from the command line.  Hotspot accepts this:
>> -XX:+UnlockCommercialVMOptions -XX:+FlightRecorder
>> and doesn't accept this
>> -XX:+FlightRecorder
>> Thanks,
>> Paul
> Is it really necessary to add this into the open code base?  Would this
> not be more appropriate in whatever proprietary fork you use at Oracle?
> 'Commercial' is also the wrong word to use, as this is nothing
> non-commercial about the rest of the OpenJDK code base.  What you're
> referring to are proprietary features which you're not releasing the
> source code to.
> See

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