Merging BSDPort into HotSpot mainline

John Rose john.r.rose at
Thu Sep 15 17:21:29 PDT 2011

On Sep 13, 2011, at 3:32 PM, Tom Rodriguez wrote:

> I've finally prepared a set of changes against the latest hotspot-comp with the bsd-port changes.  They compile on all our supported platforms with the jdk7 and jdk6 tools and I also built on Snow Leopard and incorporated a few extra changes there to make it all compile.  I've prepared several webrevs to ease reviewing.

I tried this out with a build and JSR 292 test on my Macbook (10.6.8) and it works.

I ran the diffs from your changes against the transitional patch currently in mvm-dev, and they don't contain anything surprising (relative to this Email thread).

The PRIxnn macro simplifications are good.  Perhaps the final form of them in globalDefinitions could be reorganized a little, also?  The parallel 32-bit and 64-bit definitions occur in different order and with different spacing.  This irregularity makes them harder to read.

I looked at the helpful differences you posted between Linux and BSD.  I noticed that there is a definition (bsd_{x86,zero}) of SurvivorRatio introduced which apparently reproduces the definition in the shared globals.hpp, and is not in the linux side.  Do we need it?

Thanks.  This convergence of source bases is very welcome to all of us mac-heads.

-- John

P.S.  I noticed something that needs cleanup later on.  There are 8 replacements of this form, which all protect elf-specific code:
 -#ifndef _WINDOWS
 +#if !defined(_WINDOWS) && !defined(__APPLE__)

At minimum it probably requires something like TARGET_OS_OBJECT_elf, and more likely a move of the code into src/os/elf or some similar platform-specific code base.  This is not neatly covered by the linux/bsd merge, since elf is one of the ways in which linux and bsd differ.

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