Replace the static error string in ZIP_Put_In_Cache0 with on stack memory

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Tue Apr 10 01:10:42 PDT 2012

On 10/04/2012 08:10, Sean Chou wrote:
>     And it is found that hotspot calls ZIP_Open through (*ZipOpen) in 
> file classLoader.cpp .So I also made a patch for it and add 
> hotspot-dev to cc list.
>     File classLoader.cpp is the only one I have found calling ZIP_Open.
> The webrev for hotspot is:
> <>
> To hotspot guys,
>     We are trying to make the error path in ZIP_Open 
> in src/share/native/java/util/zip/zip_util.c thread safe by changing 
> the errbuf[] from static array to on stack array. This will cause the 
> returned error string allocated from heap, which need to be freed. I 
> checked the code and found only classLoader.cpp calls this function, 
> so I made the above webrev. Please take a look.
It's good that you spotted that this is called from the VM (I'd 
forgotten that). In that case things get a bit more complicated because 
the hotspot repository takes a different route into master and also goes 
into 7u releases too. I'll leave the HotSpot group to comment on your 
proposed change but I assume it will require adding 
JDK_Version::is_gte_jdk18x_version so that the JDK version can be tested 
before decided whether to free the error message. It will also require a 
sponsor as you cannot push changes to jdk8/tl/hotspot, all HotSpot 
changes require going through a build+test system (no direct pushes).

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