code review request for initial JDK FDS support (7071907)

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Tue Apr 10 13:51:44 PDT 2012


It is good.


On 4/9/12 1:51 PM, Daniel D. Daugherty wrote:
> Greetings,
> Coming soon to a JDK repo near you! Full Debug Symbols!
> OK, to just a subset of libraries and programs... on Linux and Solaris...
> If you're a Windows fan, the JDK repo has had Full Debug Symbols support
> since way back in JDK1.4.1... Now we're trying get Linux and Solaris
> caught up...
> Runtime Team, we don't have much in the JDK repo, but I tried to cover
> our few libraries and programs. Let me know if I missed anything...
> Serviceability Team, all of your demos, libraries and programs are
> covered... for some reason, updating those seemed like reliving old
> times and I didn't think you'd mind... :-)
> Here is the webrev URL:
> Thanks, in advance, for any review comments.
> Dan
> P.S.
> For those of you that are keeping track of all the FDS
> changesets, not everything has hit the various master
> repos yet. As a reminder, FDS has to hit the closed
> install repo first. The open root and jdk repos along
> with the closed deploy repo are in the second wave. And
> the hotspot repo, being more Mercurial than his fellow
> ghosts, will make his appearance in his own good time
> (and via a different set of repos)...
> Apologies to Dickens, of course... :-)

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