Review Request(L) - VisualStudio ProjectCreator TNG

Nils Eliasson nils.eliasson at
Thu Apr 19 04:46:41 PDT 2012

Here is an updated projectcreator for VS2010 (and 2008). 

Adds source browsing of all platforms in VS while still compiling for Win
Refactored (although there is still a lot to be done)
Smaller and much faster

Tested on VS2010 (c1, c2, tiered, kernel)(debug, fastdebug, 
product)(ia32, x64)
jdk7 only
core-target removed from configs, didn't build in old project generator, 
so no regression

x32 and x64 in same project
Generate solution-file with share/tools in separate projects and make 
then all build from VS
Refactor more

Reviews and feedback please,
Nils Eliasson

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