NOTICE: JPRT now requires HotSpot build/test on Mac OS X

James Melvin james.melvin at
Wed Jan 25 06:22:35 PST 2012


Just a quick note that the following change has been pushed to
hotspot-rt and will soon percolate up to hotspot-main...

7126732 MAC: Require Mac OS X builds/tests for JPRT integrate jobs for 

This effectively adds Mac OS X to the default set of platforms upon
which to build HotSpot. All 'integrate' jobs must now pass builds and
tests on Mac OS X as a prerequisite to integrating any changeset(s). As
with other platforms, this will keep the Mac OS X port fresh and at Beta
quality or better at all times.

Lastly, this change will not affect job times. In fact, the mac-minis
we've deployed as JPRT clients are quite zippy and have demonstrated
some of the fastest builds of HotSpot in the farm.

Let me know if there are any immediate issues with this change.



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