Question on status of a few bugs in OpenJDK 6

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Hi Vladimir,


On Fri, Mar 9, 2012 at 2:04 AM, Vladimir Kozlov
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> Hi, Kris
> As I know, only 2 bugs from these affect JDK6.
Got it. That's reassuring, thanks a lot :-)

> First is 5091921 but the fix is too big to backport it to jdk6 and it also
> rely on new code in HS21 VM which is only present in JDK7

So it was too big...I did see that it relies on a new loopPredicate.cpp
file, with later patches to that file, too.

(we stop delivering new VM into jdk6 updates after HS20 VM).
Yes, I know. We're still using JDK6 in production, and somehow we need to
patch the VM a little bit for a couple of features, so we've been using
HSX20 as the base.

> Second bug 7044738 was backported into product jdk6u28. I don't know if
> OpenJDK6 community took it.
> As of now, nope. HS20-b12 in OpenJDK 6 update 24 doesn't have that yet.

> The rest is bug tail of 5091921 and related changes so they do not affect
> jdk6.
> Could you please do me a favor and review "7032314: Allow to generate
CallLeafNoFPNode in IdealKit", see if it's safe to be applied it to HS20?
Just this one, independent of other loopPredicate-related fixes.

> Regards,
> Vladimir
> Thanks,
Kris Mok

> On 3/8/12 3:37 AM, Krystal Mok wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Guess I'm asking on the wrong list, but I don't know which list I should
>> be sending this to for OpenJDK 6-only  issues.
>> The jdk6-dev list is mostly silent now, doesn't seem to be the right
>> place, neither.
>> Maybe I should be asking the sustaining team?
>> I was looking at what changes went into recent OpenJDK 6 releases. Turns
>> out OpenJDK 6 build 23 is the closest version
>> to JDK 6 update 25, and OpenJDK 6b24 is the closest version to 6u30.
>> Reading through the release changes [1][2], though,
>> tells that:
>> 1. The loop optimization bug that crashes the VM is fixed:
>>   7070134: Hotspot crashes with sigsegv from PorterStemmer
>> 2. A few other related bugs aren't included in OpenJDK 6 yet, as of now:
>>   5091921: Sign flip issues in loop optimizer
>>   7052494: Eclipse test fails on JDK 7 b142
>>   7004535: Clone loop predicate during loop unswitch
>>   7068051: SIGSEGV in PhaseIdealLoop::build_loop_**late_post on T5440
>>   7044738: Loop unroll optimization causes incorrect result
>>   7077439: Possible reference through NULL in loopPrdicate.cpp:726
>> I suppose some of these fixes are actually in the product JDK 6u29+
>> already, like 7044738.
>> So, questions:
>> * Could anyone help identify whether these bugs affect OpenJDK 6 or not?
>> * If they do, what are the plans for porting the fixes back to OpenJDK 6?
>> * And what is the general plan for future maintence of OpenJDK 6?
>> * Is there any place in the public that we can track what's going to be
>> backported into OpenJDK 6?
>> * Will it sort of EOL along with the product JDK 6?
>> Thanks,
>> Kris Mok
>> [1]:**resource/OpenJDK6-B23-Changes.**html<>
>> [2]:**openjdk6releases/resource/**
>> OpenJDK6-B24-Changes.html<>
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