JVM flags: product -> manageable ?

Srinivas Ramakrishna ysr1729 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 12:47:21 PDT 2012

Thanks for the prompt response, Staffan!

One question is re support of existing flags (in particular GC flags) and
their toggling via the
existing jmap interface. I am sure that will be detailed in the JEP in
In the much shorter term, I was wondering if the step of changing the
trivially changeable
GC-logging flags could be accomplished, since that would really involve a
quick audit and some
really quick performance numbers to ascertain that something unexpected did
not happen,
so should be relatively lightweight....

-- ramki

On Mon, Mar 12, 2012 at 12:40 PM, Staffan Larsen
<staffan.larsen at oracle.com>wrote:

> Maybe a little off-topic, but there are plans to revise JVM logging as a
> whole. As part of this, it is planned that logging can be turned on and off
> at runtime. A JEP is in progress.
> Thanks,
> /Staffan
> On 12 mar 2012, at 20:26, Srinivas Ramakrishna wrote:
> Hi all --
> What's the plan for:
> 6950384 We should make some / all GC logging parameters manageable
> Is this on the cards for the near-future?
> I'd be very interested to see this happen because it really improves the
> serviceability/obsevability story (at least from a low-level perspective).
> thanks for any info!
> -- ramki
> PS: Aside: the CR is specific to hotspot/gc -- are there corresponding
> plans for
> flags from any of the other components within the JVM besides GC?
> (My current interest is only in some of the GC logging flags, so this is
> really more a curiosity wrt other parts of the JVM, rather than an explicit
> interest at this time in those other flags.)
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