hg: hsx/hotspot-main/hotspot: 4 new changesets

john.coomes at oracle.com john.coomes at oracle.com
Sat Mar 17 11:42:07 PDT 2012

Changeset: cf956638b844
Author:    iveresov
Date:      2012-03-12 13:12 -0700
URL:       http://hg.openjdk.java.net/hsx/hotspot-main/hotspot/rev/cf956638b844

7151089: PS NUMA: NUMA allocator should not attempt to free pages when using SHM large pages
Summary: Don't attempt to uncommit SHM-based large pages
Reviewed-by: kvn

! src/os/linux/vm/os_linux.cpp

Changeset: 2c0751569716
Author:    brutisso
Date:      2012-03-13 21:12 +0100
URL:       http://hg.openjdk.java.net/hsx/hotspot-main/hotspot/rev/2c0751569716

7152954: G1: Native memory leak during full GCs
Summary: Add destructor to TruncatedSeq and call delete when necessary
Reviewed-by: johnc, tonyp

! src/share/vm/gc_implementation/g1/survRateGroup.cpp
! src/share/vm/utilities/numberSeq.cpp
! src/share/vm/utilities/numberSeq.hpp

Changeset: c7a555a9449a
Author:    brutisso
Date:      2012-03-14 12:49 +0100
URL:       http://hg.openjdk.java.net/hsx/hotspot-main/hotspot/rev/c7a555a9449a

7068625: Testing 8 bytes of card table entries at a time speeds up card-scanning
Summary: Check clean words instead of clean bytes
Reviewed-by: jcoomes, jmasa, jwilhelm, ysr
Contributed-by: alexey.ragozin at gmail.com

! src/share/vm/memory/cardTableModRefBS.hpp
! src/share/vm/memory/cardTableRS.cpp
! src/share/vm/memory/cardTableRS.hpp

Changeset: f96bddf3d3f3
Author:    jcoomes
Date:      2012-03-16 23:45 -0700
URL:       http://hg.openjdk.java.net/hsx/hotspot-main/hotspot/rev/f96bddf3d3f3


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