deadlock in initialization of instanceKlass

David Holmes david.holmes at
Thu Mar 22 18:19:52 PDT 2012

On 23/03/2012 11:13 AM, Krystal Mok wrote:
> Thanks for the quick reply. Comments inline:
> On Fri, Mar 23, 2012 at 8:09 AM, David Holmes <david.holmes at
> <mailto:david.holmes at>> wrote:
>     Hi Kris,
>     The parallel-classloading changes likely remove this problem from 7+
> I did check the value of the flag AllowParallelDefineClass, which
> defaulted to false when I ran on JDK7/HS23 and JDK8/HS24.

I think by 7 GA parallel class loaders were enabled by default - no need 
for a VM flag. But my memory is rusty on this too.

> My min repro didn't use an agent. But it's easier to fall into this trap
> with an agent.

Sorry didn't look at the min repo.

> So I'm not going to stick my head in and try to "fix" this bug, since
> the problem doesn't show up in 7+ anyway.

Ok. Thanks for reporting it.

> On the int[0] stuff: yep, I saw it. The locker object for bootstrap
> class loader is also an array, a "fake" int[0][]:
> _system_loader_lock_obj = oopFactory::new_system_objArray(0, CHECK);
> It's been like that since duke at 0...from what I can tell. Wonder why an
> array was favored over something else, say, a java.lang.Byte instance,
> which carries pretty much the same weight (in terms of object size)?

A primitive array can be created without having any classes loaded.


> Thanks,
> Kris Mok
>     Thanks,
>     David
>     On 23/03/2012 9:44 AM, Krystal Mok wrote:
>         Hi,
>         I've run into a corner case where deadlock happens during
>         instanceKlass
>         linking, which I think could have been avoided by patching the
>         VM. It's
>         mostly a JDK6-only issue, as I haven't been able to reproduce it
>         on JDK7
>         or JDK8.
>         In the original problem, the scenario was to start a Java
>         process with a
>         BTrace script tracing from the beginning [1]. As the system
>         started up,
>         two threads were trying to load two different classes with different
>         class loaders at about the same time [2]. Both of these class load
>         operations were delegated to BTrace's agent for instrumentation,
>         where
>         both threads tried to create a new instance of a class called
>         "com.sun.btrace.runtime.__Instrumentor". This class was actually
>         loaded
>         already, but not linked/initialized yet, so this was the time to
>         do it.
>         And then a deadlock happened: One of the threads has locked the
>         system
>         class loader before trying to link the class of
>         "com.sun.btrace.runtime.__Instrumentor"; where as the other
>         thread went
>         ahead and started linking the class of
>         "com.sun.btrace.runtime.__Instrumentor" first, and for
>         verification it
>         needed to load new classes, which in turn needed to lock the system
>         class loader.
>         A simplified minimal repro of the original problem is available [3].
>         Caveat: it may take a few runs to actually see the deadlock.
>         I've had a
>         better chance of reproducing it on JDK6/HS20, but harder on
>         JDK6/HS24,
>         where everything seem to be faster. Haven't been able to
>         reproduce it
>         with JDK7/HS23 or JDK8/HS24.
>         The race in this case involves locking both an instanceKlass and the
>         lock object of its defining class loader. Since an instanceKlass
>         isn't a
>         Java-level object, Java code couldn't have locked it on its own.
>         So I think there's a chance of getting around this deadlock by
>         locking
>         the loader before locking the instanceKlass, for places where class
>         loading may happen during the period the instanceKlass is locked. Or
>         perhaps the complete_exit()/reenter() dance trick.
>         A pragmatic way of solving the problem is to modify the
>         application code
>         to get rid of the race in the first place. In this particular
>         scenario,
>         that'd be modifying BTrace, forcing the Instrumentor class to
>         link early
>         with a Class.forName() call. But as in the repro case, the
>         problem seems
>         pretty generic, and could hit innocent-looking Java code.
>         (Of course, upgrading to JDK7 will get rid of the problem, too.
>         Another
>         good case to push for an upgrade :-)
>         I haven't made a patch to fix this just yet. Any suggestions on
>         whether
>         it'd be worthwhile to fix it in the VM or not?
>         P.S. There's a second bug. When using "jstack -l" to diagnose the
>         problem, a fastdebug build of the VM hit an assertion [4]. The
>         code in
>         DeadlockCycle assumed that all ObjectMonitors correspond to
>         instanceOops, which is not (yet) the case. A instanceKlass or
>         constantPool could also be directly locked with a ObjectMonitor, and
>         that's not an instanceOop.
>         I've made a patch against the current jdk8/jdk8/hotspot to fix this
>         second bug [5].
>         When the Permanent Generation removal work completes, this would no
>         longer be a problem, because the klass hierarchy won't be oops
>         anymore,
>         and the klassKlass's will be gone. I can see that in Jon's
>         latest patch
>         [6] already, but there should still be some time before the work is
>         complete. Meanwhile people may still run into this issue.
>         Regards,
>         Kris Mok
>         [1]:
>         <>
>         [2]:
> <>
>         [3]:
>         <>
>         [4]:
>         <>
>         [5]:
> <>
>         [6]:
>         <>

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