perm removal project integration - hsx repos will be restricted

Coleen Phillimore coleen.phillimore at
Sat Sep 1 15:21:46 PDT 2012

On 9/1/2012 2:35 AM, John Coomes wrote:
> John Coomes (John.Coomes at wrote:
>> The project to remove the permanent generation will be integrating
>> into hsx this weekend or early next week.  It's a pervasive change and
>> merges have been notoriously difficult, so to help ease the
>> integration, we will be restricting changes to the hsx repositories
>> (e.g., hsx/hotspot-main, hsx/hotspot-comp, hsx/hotspot-gc, etc.)
>> starting today for about a week.
>> ...
>> Here's the full timetable (all times Pacific):
>> Thu, Aug 30 (today):   hotspot-rt is already locked, since it was
>> ...
>> Fri, Aug 31, pm:       the last hs24 snapshot of hotspot-main
>> 		       (hs24-b22) will be taken and submitted for
>> 		       pre-integration testing.  The HotSpot version
>> 		       will be set to 25 in hotspot-main and then
>> 		       hotspot-main will be pulled down into all group
>> 		       repos.
>> At this point, all the hsx repos will be identical, and *locked*
>> except for perm removal changes.
> Status:  so far, so good.  All the hsx repos are identical and are
> locked except for perm removal changes, and SQE is ready to test them.
> -John
>> Sat, Sep 1:            the perm removal project will do their
>>                         final merge and testing before integrating into
>>                         hsx/hotspot-gc.  Ideally it will be finished on
>>                         Saturday, but it may take longer.  The hsx
>>                         repos remain *locked*.

Status:  the permgen elimination code has been checked into 
hotspot-gc.   The hg: notification probably didn't go out because the 
size of the email likely requires approval.    Almost all files were 
changed in the repository, but many only a few lines.   See changeset:

Thank you everyone for all your help.

>> Sat, Sep 1 pm, through
>> Wed, Sep 4 am:         the perm removal changes will undergo nightly
>>                         testing.  we will have SQE target all nightly
>> 		       testing on the perm removal changes (i.e., the
>> 		       testing normally done on the hsx/hotspot-comp
>> 		       repo will instead be done on the perm removal
>> 		       changes; same for hotspot-rt, etc.).  If any
>> 		       issues are found, bugs will be filed and
>> 		       fixed as normal.  The hsx repos remain
>> 		       *locked*.
>> Wed, Sep 5 (approx.):  assuming the nightly testing results look
>>                         clean, the perm removal changes will be pushed
>>                         up to hotspot-main and also pulled down into
>>                         all the hsx group repos.  This date may shift
>>                         depending upon the nightly testing results.
>> Thu, Sep 6 (approx.):  after the perm removal changes have reached all
>>                         the hsx group repos, the hsx group repos are no
>>                         longer locked.  However, *no* changes should be
>>                         pushed to hotspot-main.
>> Fri, Sep 7:            a snapshot of hotspot-main (hs25-b01),
>>                         containing only the perm removal changes, will
>>                         be submitted for PIT
>> Sat, Sep 8:            the hsx repos are no longer restricted
>> -John

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