Request for Review: Make the Queens test ("test in build") an option that can be disabled

Magnus Ihse Bursie magnus.ihse.bursie at
Fri Sep 14 06:39:02 PDT 2012

I'd like to make a new try at integrating this fix. :-)

I posted two a webrev back in May. After some feedback, I posted a 
second one at 
This second webrev was reviewed and accepted by David Holmes, Dmitry 
Samersoff, Coleen Phillimore and Vladimir Kozlov. However, Kelly O'Hair 
expressed concern that it would not work on Windows due to changes in 
make/defs.make being problematic for Windows nmake. Also, in private 
conversation with me, Kelly found build problems on MacOSX.

I didn't have time at the moment to address those issues, so I dropped 
it for the time being.

However, I now checked more carefully. I'm not using any syntax in 
defs.make that is not already there, so I shouldn't introduce something 
Windows can't handle.

The patch did have a problem though -- the TEST_IN_BUILD argument was 
not properly propagated. So I have made a new patch (third time's a 
charm!), and the webrev is here:

The only difference to the previous one is that I add 
be done three times, once for each duplicated platform file...)

I am currently running a series of tests on all platforms, both using 
the old build system and the new. Not all tests have finished running, 
but it's looking good so far and I believe there should be no more 
problems. (I'll let you know otherwise! :))

It feels like what should be a simple fix has grown somewhat out of 
proportion. I'm hoping I can get some final reviews on this, and some 
advice as to wether this fix should be integrated through the hotspot or 
the build forest. (On one hand, it's hotspot only, but on the other 
hand, it's just affecting build.)


On 2012-05-14 15:05, Magnus Ihse Bursie wrote:
> As part of the new build system created in the build-infra project, we 
> want to make it a configurable option wether or not to run the Queens 
> test as part of the build.
> Here is a patch that introduces a new make variable, TEST_IN_BUILD, 
> which controls wether to run the Queens test ( or not. 
> If the variable is not explicitely set, it will default to true, 
> mening that the default behaviour will be as before, that is, to run 
> the Queens test. However, if you (or configure) explicitely set it to 
> false, the Queens test will be skipped.
> /Magnus

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