hsx group repos are open - perm removal integration is complete

Tim Bell tim.bell at oracle.com
Mon Sep 17 13:11:51 PDT 2012

Hi Coleen, Bengt:

> Bengt you got a "Could not acquire lock for parent" because I am 
> pushing to hotspot-gc and I think the behavior now is to lock out the 
> second job rather than just integrate.   This should be fixed.
> Also my job has been stuck in the JPRT east queue for 3 hours.  If I 
> kill it and you submit, I'll have to wait for your job again to even 
> start mine.
> Tim's looking at this now.

I cleaned up the Windows 7 x64 systems that were stuck on jbb runs.

David and Coleen both had a job stuck for hours due to this.

Coleen's job is now 'Finishing' so hopefully it will complete OK. Looks 
like David's job finished up OK.


> Coleen
> On 9/17/2012 4:00 PM, Bengt Rutisson wrote:
>> On 2012-09-17 21:42, John Coomes wrote:
>>> Vladimir Kozlov (vladimir.kozlov at oracle.com) wrote:
>>>> John, did you unlock repos?
>>> Yes.  The config on the servers looks ok (no restrictions), and Bengt
>>> was able to push to hotspot-gc this morning.
>> Yes, I was able to push once this morning. But now I also get " Could 
>> not acquire lock for parent" when I try to push:
>> http://prt-web.us.oracle.com//archive/2012/09/2012-09-17-191527.brutisso.hs-gc-g1-gc-timestamp/syslogs/2012-09-17-191527.brutisso.hs-gc-g1-gc-timestamp.log 
>> Bengt
>>>> > At this point, all the hsx repos will be identical, and *locked*
>>>> > except for perm removal changes.
>>>> I see that few JPRT jobs are filed with:
>>>> "Fail/kill comment:  Could not acquire lock for parent:"
>>> This looks like something strange with jprt.  One of Zhengyu's jobs
>>> (2012-09-14-170744.zhgu.hotspot) is marked as failed, but it actually
>>> pushed the changeset to hotspot-gc, and I don't see any error in the
>>> jprt logs.
>>> -John
>>>> John Coomes wrote:
>>>>> The perm removal changes have been pushed up to hotspot-main and
>>>>> pulled down into all the hotspot-{group} repos, so the group repos 
>>>>> are
>>>>> now open for normal work.  Thanks for your help and patience.
>>>>> Please avoid pushing to hsx/hotspot-main for a few more days while we
>>>>> run PIT, in case there are some fixes required to allow integration
>>>>> into jdk8.
>>>>> -John

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