Byte code verification source code location

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hello Kris, 

Thank you for your reply. That helps. 

I also want to know if I borrow the same algorithm/code in hotspot/src/share/vm/classfile/verifier.[hpp|cpp] to implement the same feature in Jikes RVM will there be any copyright issue ? 

More information under "Bytecode verifier" at,

Thank you.
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The new verifier using stack maps (aka "type checking verifier" or the
"split verifier") is located in
The old verifier (aka "type inference verifier") is located in

- Kris

On 2013/4/8 8:36, Kumarasiri, Nuwan R wrote:
> hello,
> I raised this question in a different mailing list but i was asked to ask here.
> I need to look at the byte code verification( implementation in openjdk. Could you kindly let me know the location of the byte code verification source code for version 7?
> Thank you.

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