RFR(M) : 7104565 : trim jprt build targets

David Chase david.r.chase at oracle.com
Wed Apr 10 08:09:26 PDT 2013

On 2013-04-10, at 9:20 AM, Karen Kinnear <karen.kinnear at oracle.com> wrote:

> David,
> I did not read the webrev - I just wanted to make sure I understood the goals:
> Are you leaving product alone.

Leaving product alone.

> Leaving fastdebug alone, removing debug, and renaming jvmg
> to debug - which will continue to have debug and assert and all the symbols jvmg used to have?

Debug and Fastdebug should be compiled from the same source and flags (ASSERT defined for both), and debug should be the same as what we now call jvmg, but fastdebug will compiled with optimization on.
Fastdebug is (not-)modified in the sense that it no longer defines FASTDEBUG, but all the occurrences of "defined(FASTDEBUG)" or defined(DEBUG)" have been replaced with "defined(ASSERT)".

> And when we do a debug build from jdk level, what will that build?

New build currently attempts to build a jvmg, and goes through these rules to build "debug" instead:

# Compatibility for transition to new naming
	echo "Warning: The jvmg target has been replaced with debug"
	echo "Warning: Please update your usage"

jvmg: warn_jvmg_deprecated debug

Next turn of the RFE crank is to replace those other uses of "jvmg" with "debug" and eventually retire those deprecated rules.

A second goal is to prune the JPRT targets -- if debug is just like fastdebug, only slower, then we don't need to test debug builds.
(Complaining about the time taken in testing is what got this pile-o-fun dropped in my lap.)


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