hs25 review request (round 2): 8007037 JSR 292: the VM_RedefineClasses::append_entry() should do cross-checks with indy operands

serguei.spitsyn at oracle.com serguei.spitsyn at oracle.com
Thu Apr 11 16:08:30 PDT 2013

Please, review the hs25 fix (round 2) below.

Open webrev:


This webrev includes a review fix from Coleen about explicit deallocation
of the old operands array in ConstantPool::resize_operands() and a couple
of fixes for the corner case when the old CP has no operands array:

1121 void ConstantPool::extend_operands(constantPoolHandle ext_cp, TRAPS) {
. . .
1130   if (operand_array_length(operands()) == 0) {
1131     ClassLoaderData* loader_data = pool_holder()->class_loader_data();
1132     Array<u2>* new_ops = MetadataFactory::new_array<u2>(loader_data, delta_size, CHECK);
1133     // The first element index defines the offset of second part
+        operand_offset_at_put(new_ops, 0, 2*delta_len); // offset in new array
1135     set_operands(new_ops);
1136   } else {
1137     resize_operands(delta_len, delta_size, CHECK);
1138   }
1140 } // end extend_operands()

  void VM_RedefineClasses::append_operand(constantPoolHandle scratch_cp, int old_bs_i,
  505        constantPoolHandle *merge_cp_p, int *merge_cp_length_p, TRAPS) {
  . . .

  - 518   int new_base = (*merge_cp_p)->operand_next_offset_at(new_bs_i);


  + 518   // We have _operands_cur_length == 0 when the merge_cp operands is empty yet.
  + 519   // However, the operand_offset_at(0) was set in the extend_operands() call.
  + 520   int new_base = (new_bs_i == 0) ? (*merge_cp_p)->operand_offset_at(0)
  + 521                                  : (*merge_cp_p)->operand_next_offset_at(new_bs_i - 1);


References from INDY bootstrap method specifier operands to CP entries
and back must be correctly merged at class redefinition.

Some background.

An invokedynamic bytecode spec:

A invokedynamic instruction has an argument which is an index to the 
*Constant Pool* item.
That index must be a symbolic reference to a *call-site specifier*:

A CP item of the type *CONSTANT_InvokeDynamic_inf* has an index into
the *bootstrap method attribute* of the class file:

The *|BootstrapMethods|* attribute elements normally have references to 
other *Constant Pool* items.

In VM the *bootstrap method attribute* is represented by the *operands* 
array of the *ConstantPool*.

The problem is is that all the force and back cross links between 
*ConstantPool* elements
and *operands* array elements must be correctly merged at class 

Test coverage:
   vm.mlvm, nsk.jvmti, nsk.jdi tests on multiple platforms (32 vs 64-bit 
   The testing looks good so far.
   One difficulty is that new vm.mlvm tests are currently failed because 
of multiple reasons.


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