hs25 review request (2nd round): 8008511 JSR 292: MemberName vmtarget refs to methods must be updated at class redefinition

serguei.spitsyn at oracle.com serguei.spitsyn at oracle.com
Tue Apr 16 11:46:17 PDT 2013

Thanks a lot, Coleen!

On 4/16/13 11:35 AM, Coleen Phillimore wrote:
> On 04/12/2013 10:13 PM, serguei.spitsyn at oracle.com wrote:
>> Please, review the following fix.
>> This is the 2nd version that has a review fixes suggested by Coleen 
>> and John in the 1st review round.
>> Now the mtClass is used in allocation of MemberNameTable since it's 
>> part of class metadata.
>> All call sites in the methodHandles.cpp that recursively invoke the 
>> add_member_name()
>> are made safepoint-safe by replacing oop's with Handle's.
>> This allowed to get rid of the No_Safepoint_Verifier in the 
>> find_MemberNames.
>> The MemberName's are added to MNT not only for methods but also for 
>> fields.
>> Coleen,
>> You also suggested to put all new non-jvmti code under #if 
>> INCLUDE_JVMTI condition.
>> I've not done it because now the MemberName's associated with the 
>> fields are
>> also registered in the MNT which is not needed for JVMTI purposes.
>> Just have some doubt if it is a right thing to do.
>> I'm Ok to add this modification, but could you, confirm that it is 
>> still important.
> Ok.   I've rereviewed this code.   It looks fine to me.   Thanks for 
> taking on this fix.
> Coleen
>> Webrev:
>> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~sspitsyn/webrevs/2013/hotspot/8008511-JVMTI-JSR292.2/ 
>> Bug:
>> http://bugs.sun.com/bugdatabase/view_bug.do?bug_id=8008511
>> https://jbs.oracle.com/bugs/browse/JDK-8008511
>> The problem is that the old version of the bootstrap method is 
>> re-invoked
>> after a popframe from the bootstrap method execution.
>> It is because the MemberName keeps a stale reference to the old 
>> method version.
>> The solution (suggested by John) is to lazily create and keep 
>> up-to-date a MemberNameTable
>> which plays a role of MemberName cache assosiated with the 
>> InstanceKlass.
>> Then, at class redefinition, this cache is used to replace the old 
>> method
>> references in the MemberName's with the new method references.
>> The MemberNameTable is based on the GrowableArray<jweek>.
>> A C_HEAP array is allocated at the first call to 
>> InstanceKlass::add_member_name().
>> It is released in the InstanceKlass::release_C_heap_structures().
>> A global week reference to member name oop is stored in the 
>> MemberNameTable.
>> It allowed to avoid having the oops_do() in the MemberNameTable.
>> Also, the MemberNameTable won't hold member name oops in memory.
>> The MemberNameTable_lock mutex is added to serialize 
>> MemberNameTable's updates.
>> Test coverage: vm.mlvm, nsk.jvmti, nsk.jdi tests on multiple 
>> platforms (32 vs 64-bit too).
>> The testing looks good.
>> Thanks,
>> Serguei

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