Request for review:

David Holmes david.holmes at
Wed Jul 3 16:17:13 PDT 2013

Hi Joe,

Please don't use URLs in the subject line. The form "RFR <bug no.> 
<synopsis>" is far more informative.

On 4/07/2013 2:53 AM, Joseph Provino wrote:
> This is a backport to 7 and it integrates cleanly from 8 so it should be
> an easy review.

A link to JDK8 changeset would be useful for reference.

> Bug report:

This is not available to anyone outside Oracle and in this case is a 
Confidential bug anyway. So please recap what the issue is and the solution.

> Webrev is here:
> <>

Seems exactly the same as hs25 version.



> Thanks.
> joe

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