RFR(M): 8019973: PPC64 (part 11): Fix IA64 preprocessor conditionals on AIX.

Lindenmaier, Goetz goetz.lindenmaier at sap.com
Mon Jul 8 05:45:13 PDT 2013


This is in preparation of the PPC AIX port.

A header file (systemcfg.h) on Aix 7.1 defines the macro "IA64" unconditionally.
This leads to wrong configurations of shared files on Aix where IA64 is used.
This change replaces uses of "IA64" by "IA64 && !AIX".
To reduce the complexity we propose to simplify two matters:

Since the initial checkin objectMonitor.cpp and synchronizer.cpp
define  #define ATTR __attribute__((noinline)) claiming this is needed
to avoid a gcc build time error with - at that time - old gcc versions.
This define depends on IA64. We remove it altogether.

prims/forte.cpp uses a lot of different mechanisms all disabling forte
support on windows, apple and ia64. We would have to add Aix.
Instead, we propose to use a check for the supported platforms (see webrev).
We could also add a macro SUPPORTS_FORTE that is defined in the corresponding
makefiles, and/or move forte.cpp into the os/solaris and os_cpu/linux_x86
Are there other platforms that need to be supported? I derived the platforms
from the comment in forte.cpp.

Please review this change. I'm happy to incorporate your comments.

Best regards,

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