Wrong BugID (whoops!)

Dmitry Samersoff dmitry.samersoff at oracle.com
Tue Jul 9 12:50:58 PDT 2013



For cases like this I would like to have a file counting problematic
changesets e.g. ProblemChangesetList.txt, otherwise it's hard to
restore the history after couple of years.


Starting from Mercurial 2.2

hg has --amend command that allows to perform limited but safe editing
of the history. Never tried it so not sure it helps in this case.


On 2013-07-09 23:17, mark.reinhold at oracle.com wrote:
> 2013/7/9 3:44 -0700, joe.darcy at oracle.com:
>> On 07/09/2013 07:55 AM, Eric McCorkle wrote:
>>> I put the wrong bug id in a recent changeset.  I had 8014399, when the
>>> actual id was 8014933.  Can this be changed, or should I just close the
>>> ticket manually?
>> To is impractical to change the bug id used in a changeset that has 
>> already been pushed.
> Well, it depends.  If the changeset has only been pushed to one or two
> non-master repositories then it can be rolled back and blacklisted, but
> anyone who's already pulled it will have to strip that changeset and any
> of its children from their working repos.
> When did you push it, and to where?  What's the changeset hash?
> - Mark

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