RFR(S): 8026487 : PPC64: Implement 'os::fork_and_exec' on AIX

Volker Simonis volker.simonis at gmail.com
Tue Oct 15 08:41:54 PDT 2013


could you please review the following webrev:


for bug:


which only touches the AIX specific file src/os/aix/vm/os_aix.cpp.

Here's some background:

During testing with the OpenJDK regression tests we realized that
we've omitted the implementation of os::fork_and_exec() on AIX. This
method is only required by the options -XX:OnOutOfMemoryError,
-XX:OnError and -XX:+ShowMessageBoxOnError if the user answers with

The implementation is a straightforward adaptation of the
corresponding Linux code.

This change also contains the trivial implementation of
os::Aix::available_memory() which is only used by the trace macro
RC_TRACE_WITH_THREAD in VM_RedefineClasses. The implementation simply
calls os::Aix::get_meminfo() which had been already implemented


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