Solaris fastdebug build: gobjcopy?

Daniel D. Daugherty daniel.daugherty at
Mon Oct 21 08:20:24 PDT 2013

Running configure on a machine with gobjcopy and then running the build
on a machine without gobjcopy would explain the failure mode that you're
seeing. You need to file a bug with the build-infra folks. The old build
system wouldn't have had this problem because there was no configure step.
I'm not completely up to speed on the new build-infra stuff so pinging
them is your best bet.


On 10/21/13 6:28 AM, Weijun Wang wrote:
> This is a full build, but I run configure on one machine and make from 
> another. Doing both on the same machine without gobjcopy runs fine.
> Thanks
> Max
> On 10/21/13 7:38 PM, David Holmes wrote:
>> If gobjcopy is
>> installed somewhere then ALT_OBJCOPY can be set to point to it. Was this
>> part of a full build? The configure process might also find gobjcopy and
>> set the appropriate variables.
>> David
>>> Thanks
>>> Max

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