Solaris fastdebug build: gobjcopy?

Weijun Wang at
Mon Oct 21 16:31:26 PDT 2013

On 10/21/13 9:18 PM, Magnus Ihse Bursie wrote:
> 21 okt 2013 kl. 14:28 skrev Weijun Wang < at>:
>> This is a full build, but I run configure on one machine and make from another.
> That is not a supported use case. Configure checks the local machine and prepares the build.

Yes I know.

On the other hand, since the build process is able to workaround with 
the missing tool at the earlier stages it should be able to do that later.

If you think it's worth an enhancement I'll file a bug.


> /Magnus
>> Doing both on the same machine without gobjcopy runs fine.
>> Thanks
>> Max
>> On 10/21/13 7:38 PM, David Holmes wrote:
>>> If gobjcopy is
>>> installed somewhere then ALT_OBJCOPY can be set to point to it. Was this
>>> part of a full build? The configure process might also find gobjcopy and
>>> set the appropriate variables.
>>> David
>>>> Thanks
>>>> Max

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