<AWT Dev> RFR: 8025673: Disable X11 AWT toolkit

David DeHaven david.dehaven at oracle.com
Wed Oct 23 20:52:09 PDT 2013

>>> Another option (I think would make everyone happy) would be to add a native method to LWCToolkit.{java,m} that implements isAquaSession and returns a boolean. Call this new method in the static initializer and use it's return value to set java.awt.headless before calling initIDs. This will still be done early enough that Toolkit.java will end up wrapping LWCToolkit in a HeadlessToolkit, since it first initializes the wrapped toolkit *then* checks to see if it needs to be wrapped. Then all that code in java_props* and System.c could be removed.
>> I like this idea. But it needs testing.
> Cool, I'll poke at it when I get a chance.

Doesn't work in LWCToolkit, GraphicsEnvironment gets initialized first which messes things up.

It sort of works in CGraphicsEnvironment. The problem there is GraphicsEnvironment.isHeadless() is called at least once prior to CGraphicsEnvironment being loaded which then caches the value (false) so just changing the system property doesn't do anything. I added a protected method to change headless and it works, but I'm not entirely happy with that approach and I'm not convinced there won't be other side effects. For one thing, what is calling isHeadless before CGE gets loaded and will it cope with the mode changing? I don't think we have time to chase down all the issues that might manifest from that change, when we know for certain the setting the property in System.c works fine.

I think the safest bet at this point is to move all the java_props.awt_headless field related code into #ifdef blocks so they only exist on Mac OS X. That will address the cross-platform concern and fix this issue. I just thought it would be useful for other platforms (especially embedded) to be able to poll their environment and set themselves up accordingly...

Updated (hopefully final...) webrev:

Changes from last version:

(src/windows/native/java/lang/java_props_md.c only shows up because of the delta webrev, it gets reverted back to the way it was)

As a side note, SplashScreen calls isHeadless and dumps a nice ugly stack trace in a non-GUI session. It does this in the existing code so that's something that'll need to be addressed as a separate issue. Also, the message returned by GraphicsEnvironment.getHeadlessMessage() isn't correct for Mac, that should either be made more generic or let the platform impl class return that string (if it's even known or loaded at the time...).


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