Hotspot repos for changes going into jdk7u next (7u60)

Alejandro E Murillo alejandro.murillo at
Tue Sep 24 09:03:23 PDT 2013

(1) Hotspot changes intended for the next jdk7u feature release 
(jdk7u60) should be pushed to (via JPRT, of course):

(2) Bugs should be filed using 7u60 as the version (component is hotspot 
as usual)

(3) is a full forest. So if there 
are features
that require pushing tightly coupled hotspot/jdk changes, they can be 
pushed through this forest
and they will be pushed to the master together when hotspot snapshots 
are taken.
Please let me know in advance when these type of changes are coming so I 
plan the snapshot accordingly.
NOTE: if the changes don't need to go together, please push the JDK 
portions through the jdk7u-dev repos as usual.

(4) I will take snapshots of this repo, run PIT (or request a pit 
waiver), and push to the jdk7u master on a need basis.
Mostly depending on the number of changes available. Of course, if there 
are urgent changes that need to be in the jdk7u
master, we will take a snapshot. Just let me know.

(5) As usual, users with no access to jprt, please  indicate in the "the 
request for review message" that
you will need a sponsor to get the change pushed via JPRT once it has 
been cleared for pushing.
Contact me if  no one volunteers

Let me know if you have any question


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