AArch64 in JDK 9?

Andrew Haley aph at redhat.com
Mon Apr 14 18:01:39 UTC 2014

We'd like to propose contributing AArch64 support to the main HotSpot
tree.  SAP have already done this with PowerPC, so we hope to be able
to follow the path they took.

The changes to HotSpot outside the cpu/ and os_cpu/ directories are
fairly minimal.  There are quite a few changes we had to make to C1.
C1's patching scheme is impossible on AArch64, which (except in some
very restricted cases) does not allow the concurrent execution and
patching of code.  However, we can simply #ifndef these and do our
own thing in our back end.

We still have some performance tuning to do, and there are undoubtedly
cleanups we'd like to make.  Also, there are one or two remaining big
ticket items, in particular vector support.  However, the port works
well, passes all its tests, and is IMO ready for the next stage.

To begin with I'll create a JDK9 repository which tracks JDK9 with
the minimum changes to shared code, then I guess the best thing would
be for us to discuss the changes we need on this list.

Does that make sense?


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