RFR 8030011: Update Hotspot version string output

Vladimir Kozlov vladimir.kozlov at oracle.com
Mon Apr 21 19:18:36 UTC 2014

Hi Alejandro,

I don't think we need to rename make/hotspot_version file. It is still 
used to set JVM's version string and not JDK's version.

Next should be 2014 (I think David pointed it too but there is no new 
webrev): HOTSPOT_VM_COPYRIGHT=Copyright 2013

If you pass major, micro etc numbers to avoid parsing you need to verify 
that constructed from them string is equal to passed 

Next assert message is not consistent with previous messages which use 
"vm", I think it should be "vm" here too:

   DEBUG_ONLY(assert_digits(vm_build_num, offset, "wrong JDK build 

Abstract_VM_Version::jvm_version() should include micro version. See 
JVM_GetVersionInfo() in jvm.cpp and jvm_version_info in 

Use corresponding test in jdk for testing of these changes:


jvm.h: Next comment is not accurate:

+    /* VM version string: JDK version string     */

If we build VM separately (for example, in JPRT) VM version will not be 
JDK version in which VM is installed. It will take numbers either from 
passed make parameters or from make/hotspot_version. I think it should say:

+    /* VM version string follows the JDK release version naming convention
+     * <major>.<minor>.<micro>-bxx[-<identifier>][-<debug_flavor>]

Based on your examples [-<identifier>][-<debug_flavor>] is still used so 
it should be reflected in the comment.

Don't remove next comments from vm_version.cpp but fix it ("follow the 
JDK release"):

-// HOTSPOT_RELEASE_VERSION must follow the release version naming 
-// <major_ver>.<minor_ver>-b<nn>[-<identifier>][-<debug_target>]

You did not show default VM version example when VM is built locally by 

Please test that correct version string is constructed when you build VM 
using make/build.sh, for example 'sh make/build.sh debug LP64=1'

Next comment change in buildtree.make is not correct because 
HOTSPOT_RELEASE_VERSION make parameter does not include 

-# HOTSPOT_RELEASE_VERSION - <major>.<minor>-b<nn> (11.0-b07)

see JPRT logs where HOTSPOT_BUILD_VERSION is set separately.

I think next change in make/defs.make is not safe (removing make 
parameter) due to complexity of our builds:


I know that windows build is mess. Please verify it carefully. For 
example, you changed names JDK_*_VER to JDK_*_VERSION in def.make but 
build.make uses them:



On 4/21/14 10:13 AM, Alejandro E Murillo wrote:
> On 4/18/2014 6:50 PM, John Coomes wrote:
>> Alejandro E Murillo (alejandro.murillo at oracle.com) wrote:
>>> Please review this change to make the hotspot related output produced by
>>> "java -version"
>>> match the corresponding JDK output:
>>> webrev: http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~amurillo/9/8030011/
>>> Bug: https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8030011
>>> Note that we initially wanted to obtain more information from the repo
>>> being built and add
>>> it to the hotspot version output, but that will require changes in the
>>> JPRT, so
>>> we have decided to split the change in 2 bugs. One to make the
>>> version match
>>> (above webrev) and another one, an RFE, to add additional information
>>> extracted from the repo.
>> Generally looks good, but I agree with David that the long lines
>> should be wrapped, and it might even be clearer to separate them into
>> two variables, e.g.,
>>            -DJDK_MINOR_VERSION="\"$(JDK_MINOR_VERSION)\"" \
>>            ... other defs ...
>>         $(JDK_VERSION_DEFS)
>> Also the change to this part of vm.make differs between at least the
>> solaris version and the linux version (didn't check bsd or windows).
>> Please make them all consistent.
>>> Note that in the current version of vm_version.cpp, there is no error
>>> checking in product mode,
>>> I was suggested to make that explicit.
>> I like the additional error checking.  I think you could eliminate the
>> 4 copies of similar code with a function that does the checks and sets
>> the field, e.g.,
>>      void set_version_field(int * version_field, const char *
>> version_str,
>>                const char * const assert_msg) {
>>         if (version_str != NULL ...) {
>>      DEBUG_ONLY(assert_digits(version_str, assert_msg));
>>      *version_field = atoi(version_str);
>>         }
>>      }
>> -John
> Thanks John,
> working on adding these changes and sanity testing
> Thanks

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