Disallow flags with extra characters appended

Jesper Wilhelmsson jesper.wilhelmsson at oracle.com
Thu Dec 11 00:26:55 UTC 2014


The bug has now been reopened with Christian Törnqvist's blessing.

David, did you have further comments on the updated version?
(Link from the review thread in the runtime list:
http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~jwilhelm/6522873/webrev.00/ )


Jesper Wilhelmsson skrev 5/12/14 14:39:
> Hi,
> In the hope that JDK-6522873 will be reopened I'm sending a proper RFR to the
> runtime list. Thanks David for your initial review, I have updated the change as
> you suggested. I also found a few more flags that should be covered by this
> change. A full list of flags is available in the RFR.
> Thanks,
> /Jesper
> Ioi Lam skrev 5/12/14 10:43:
>> On 12/5/14, 1:38 AM, David Holmes wrote:
>>> On 5/12/2014 6:27 PM, Jesper Wilhelmsson wrote:
>>>> Hi David,
>>>> Thanks for the pointer to JDK-6522873!
>>>> Not fixing this with the motivation "due to the risk of breaking
>>>> existing applications/scripts that already has the incorrect options
>>>> specified" is ridiculous imho.
>>>> As I wrote in the bug just now:
>>>> We have to stop being so scared about fixing bugs. Fixing a bug like
>>>> this in a major version (9) should cause minimal problems since people
>>>> will have to re-certify their applications and change the command lines
>>>> anyway to upgrade from 8 to 9.
>>>> Fixing this bug will make some people go "Oh, I made a typo" and fix it.
>>>> Not fixing this bug will make people go "Hey, we have been running with
>>>> the wrong settings for two years!! Why didn't this $#%@#$# VM say
>>>> something?!?!"
>>> I tend to agree that fixing this in a major release like 9 seems to be not
>>> unreasonable. However it is easy to under estimate the compatibility aspect of
>>> simple changes - even though that can be very frustrating. Given most of the
>>> -X options are pretty useless I don't see this as likely being a major
>>> problem. Even so I come down slightly on the side of fixing it.
>>> And as you note 4514888 already fixed this in 5 and we seem to have regressed
>>> since then.
>> I think it's reasonable to fix for 9. Since there's a compatibility concern, we
>> should get a CCC approval. Also, maybe a
>> -XX:+DontComplainAboutRubbishAfterOptionsSinceIamTooLazyToFixMyScripts flag for
>> backwards compatibility? People who are truly lazy can just add this in their
>> JAVA_OPTS environment variable.
>> - Ioi
>>> David
>>>> Dear runtime team, please consider reopening this bug.
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> /Jesper
>>>> David Holmes skrev 5/12/14 04:46:
>>>>> Hi Jesper,
>>>>> On 5/12/2014 11:38 AM, Jesper Wilhelmsson wrote:
>>>>>> Hi,
>>>>>> Today some (not all) flags are accepted even though they have random
>>>>>> characters appended to them. Some examples are -Xconcgc, -Xcomp,
>>>>>> -Xboundthreads, -XX:+AlwaysTenure etc which will also be accepted when
>>>>>> written for instance -Xconcgcnoway, -Xcomposer, -Xboundthreadstodogs or
>>>>>> -XX:+AlwaysTenureAtBlueMoon
>>>>>> There is a potential problem here since we will also accept things like
>>>>>> -XX:+ExtendedDTraceProbes-XX:+UseG1GC without saying a word (and of
>>>>>> course without running with G1).
>>>>>> I have a suggestion for a fix here:
>>>>>> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~jwilhelm/commandLineFlag/webrev.00/
>>>>>> Would this be an acceptable solution?
>>>>> I'm somewhat surprised the single name version of match_option didn't
>>>>> also have the _tail_allowed flag - seems rather unbalanced. But what
>>>>> you have is cleaner I think. Though I would suggest moving you new
>>>>> version:
>>>>>  static bool match_option(const JavaVMOption *option, const char* name) {
>>>>> to immediately after the tail version (and before the _tail_allowed
>>>>> multi-name version), which a suitable comment added.
>>>>> That said ...
>>>>>> I couldn't find one, but since this has been around for quite some time
>>>>>> I wonder if there is a bug for this already. If not I'll create one.
>>>>> ... this has already been rejected
>>>>> https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-6522873
>>>>> Thanks,
>>>>> David
>>>>>> Thanks,
>>>>>> /Jesper

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