SA.NEXT - SA feedback needed

Kevin Walls kevin.walls at
Mon Feb 3 02:08:36 PST 2014

Hi Vladimir -

Regarding different local library versions impacting e.g. libproc's 
ability to open a core: I would hope you can get a good result from kjdb 
[1] which gives you a pure Java method of opening that core.  Gives you 
a debugger within a debugger if you type "sa clhsdb".  Ping me directly 
if you find something it can't open!



On 31/01/14 16:48, Vladimir Kozlov wrote:
> It is become more useful for compiler group after ReplayCompilation 
> changes were added into jdk8 to replay crash during JIT compilation. 
> SA helps extract replay info and application classes from core files.
> Most annoying thing is when you get a core file from customer and you 
> can't open it with SA because on your system thread and/or other sys 
> libs is slightly different (other version).
> An other thing is how SA knows about Hotspot structures. Very often we 
> change our internal Hotspot classes and forgot to update vmStructures. 
> It would be nice to automate it or at least catch the miss during 
> VM/SA build.
> Used it on linux, solaris-x86 and -sparc. Never on windows.
> Debuggers: dbx on solaris, gdb on others.
> Thanks,
> Vladimir
> On 1/31/14 6:19 AM, Dmitry Samersoff wrote:
>> Hi Everyone,
>> I would like to start a discussion about future of hotspot debugger,
>> known as serviceability agent or SA.
>> How you typically use it? What do you expect from it?  What is missed?
>> Please, share your stories and wishes.
>> And please, fill the small quiz:
>> 1. How often do you use SA?
>> 2. On what platform do you use SA?
>> 3. Do you use it to analyze life processes or coredumps?
>> 5. What other debuggers do you use to debug hotspot issues
>> -Dmitry

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