hg: hsx/jdk7u60/hotspot: 8033487: Improve GC option handling

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Tue Feb 4 12:59:49 PST 2014

Changeset: dd6cb2f6cecd
Author:    johnc
Date:      2012-12-12 12:07 -0800
URL:       http://hg.openjdk.java.net/hsx/jdk7u60/hotspot/rev/dd6cb2f6cecd

8033487: Improve GC option handling
Summary: If there are not enough native resources to create the ReferenceHandler or Finalizer Java threads, the VM will attempt to throw an OOME before the java.lang.Class class has been initialized. This can result in assertion failures and other crashes. Move the initialization of the java.lang.Class class to just before the initialization of the java.lang.ref.Finalizer class.
Reviewed-by: jwilhelm, dholmes, coleenp

! src/share/vm/runtime/thread.cpp

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