Important reminders about adding info to CRs and backports

Alejandro E Murillo alejandro.murillo at
Wed Feb 12 19:24:29 PST 2014

In a nutshell: *refrain from creating backports or adding info to them 
unless is strictly necessary.**
**always  use the main bug number when creating changesets or adding 
keywords to**
**request approval from the SQE or release team.*

This has been discussed before,  but  a few people are still adding
unnecessary bug info that is already done by the hgupdater.

The hgupdater has basically automated the bug updating process,
developers just need to make sure to create the changeset with the 
appropriate main bug number,
the backport creation and subsequent  bug updates will happen 
automatically when the changeset
travels from the group repo  to the appropriate master repo.

When fixing a bug, please:

(1)  Always use the main bug number when creating the changeset.
Do not create a backport or use a backport bug number (if one exists) in 

(2) Do not update "Fix version" and "Fixed in build"  number fields.
Only modify the bugs to add comments, and required keywords.

(3) When requesting approval from the release and SQE teams, do that
in the main bug, not in the backport. We are requesting the release team
to enforce this as well.

Once the changeset is pushed to a given group repo, that group repo is 
with a given JDK release, so the hgupdater will create, if it hasn't 
been created yet,
a backport for that bug in the JDK release the repo is associated with 
and mark it as
"Fixed in build" team.

*NOTE: If the changeset is created using a backport bug number instead 
of the main bug number**
**then the hgupdater will ignore the push and the developer is 
responsible for updating the**
**bugs appropriately*

Once the change is pushed to the master repo, the "Fixed in build" field 
of that backport
will be marked as "master",  the appropriate build number will be set  
next time that repo
content is promoted by release engineering.

please do not hesitate to contact me before pushing if you have any question



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