hotspot.log overlapping log statements (JITWatch)

Ludwig, Mark ludwig.mark at
Thu Feb 27 04:46:39 PST 2014

Here in the Peanut Gallery, it seems obvious that there is
something wrong with the definition of what comprises a "line" of
log output if it must be written by "different events."  Is it
really difficult to make each "write" be a complete line?  I
realize the result would be (much) shorter lines....


> From Dmitry Samersoff, Thursday, February 27, 2014 2:58 AM
> David,
> > That's why I said per-thread buffering (not that I see a way to
> > implement it). No-one blocks but *no thread starts to write
> > a line until it has a full line to write*.
> if the single line is result of different events it can take a while to
> get something printed.  It's not always acceptable.
> -Dmitry

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