RFR: 8048248: G1 Class Unloading after completing a concurrent mark cycle

Stefan Karlsson stefan.karlsson at oracle.com
Thu Jul 3 19:57:29 UTC 2014


A new patch can be found at:

The new patch:
1) Fixes a bug when the user specifies -XX:ParallelGCThreads=0

2) Fixes most of Thomas Schatzl's review comments

3) Fixes a bug in how G1RemarkGCTraceTime is used, which caused 
incorrect measurements of the phases "System Dictionary Unloading" and 
"Parallel Unloading".


On 2014-07-03 13:14, Stefan Karlsson wrote:
> Hi again,
> Here's a new patch.
> Changes:
> 1) The first webrev didn't include the change to this file:
> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~stefank/8048248/webrev.01/test/testlibrary/whitebox/sun/hotspot/WhiteBox.java.udiff.html 
> 2) Fixes a bug that happens with Class Redefinition.
> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~stefank/8048248/webrev.01/src/share/vm/classfile/metadataOnStackMark.cpp.udiff.html 
> We don't want to call 
> CodeCache::alive_nmethods_do(nmethod::mark_on_stack) unnecessarily, 
> since its one of the more expensive operations done during the remark 
> pause. If Class Redefinition isn't used we don't need to mark through 
> the code cache, since no deallocated metadata should have made its way 
> into a nmethod. Unfortunately, this is not true for Class 
> Redefinition. Class Redefinition will create new versions of Methods 
> and ConstantPools and needs to keep the old versions alive until all 
> references to the old version have been cleaned out from the JVM.
> The current patch only calls 
> CodeCache::alive_nmethods_do(nmethod::mark_on_stack) if Class 
> Redefintion is used. This has the effect that code using Class 
> Redefinition will have higher remark pauses.
> In an earlier version of the G1 class unloading patch I parallelized 
> and combined the nmethod mark_on_stack code with the CodeCache 
> cleaning code, but it was removed in favor of removing the call to 
> CodeCache::alive_nmethods_do. We might want to revive that patch, or 
> optimize this some other way, but I would prefer to not do that in 
> this patch.
> thanks,
> StefanK
> On 2014-07-01 15:44, Stefan Karlsson wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Please, review this patch to enable unloading of classes and other 
>> metadata after a G1 concurrent cycle.
>> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~stefank/8048248/webrev.00/
>> https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8048248
>> The patch includes the following changes:
>> 1) Tracing through alive Klasses and CLDs during concurrent mark, 
>> instead of marking all of them during the initial mark pause.
>> 2) Making HeapRegions walkable in the presence of unparseable objects 
>> due to their classes being unloaded.
>> 3) The process roots code has been changed to allow G1's combined 
>> initial mark and scavenge.
>> 4) The CodeBlobClosures have been refactored to distinguish the 
>> marking variant from the oop updating variants.
>> 5) Calls to the G1 pre-barrier have been added to some places, such 
>> as the StringTable, to guard against object resurrection, similar to 
>> how j.l.ref.Reference#get is treated with a read barrier.
>> 6) Parallelizing the cleaning of metadata and compiled methods during 
>> the remark pause.
>> A number of patches to prepare for this RFE has already been pushed 
>> to JDK 9:
>> 8047362: Add a version of CompiledIC_at that doesn't create a new 
>> RelocIterator
>> 8047326: Consolidate all CompiledIC::CompiledIC implementations and 
>> move it to compiledIC.cpp
>> 8047323: Remove unused _copy_metadata_obj_cl in 
>> G1CopyingKeepAliveClosure
>> 8047373: Clean the ExceptionCache in one pass
>> 8046670: Make CMS metadata aware closures applicable for other 
>> collectors
>> 8035746: Add missing Klass::oop_is_instanceClassLoader() function
>> 8035648: Don't use Handle in java_lang_String::print
>> 8035412: Cleanup ClassLoaderData::is_alive
>> 8035393: Use CLDClosure instead of CLDToOopClosure in 
>> frame::oops_interpreted_do
>> 8034764: Use process_strong_roots to adjust the StringTable
>> 8034761: Remove the do_code_roots parameter from process_strong_roots
>> 8033923: Use BufferingOopClosure for G1 code root scanning
>> 8033764: Remove the usage of StarTask from BufferingOopClosure
>> 8012687: Remove unused is_root checks and closures
>> 8047818: G1 HeapRegions can no longer be ContiguousSpaces
>> 8048214: Linker error when compiling G1SATBCardTableModRefBS after 
>> include order changes
>> 8047821: G1 Does not use the save_marks functionality as intended
>> 8047820: G1 Block offset table does not need to support generic Space 
>> classes
>> 8047819: G1 HeapRegionDCTOC does not need to inherit 
>> ContiguousSpaceDCTOC
>> 8038405: Clean up some virtual fucntions in Space class hierarchy
>> 8038412: Move object_iterate_careful down from Space to 
>> ContigousSpace and CFLSpace
>> 8038404: Move object_iterate_mem from Space to CMS since it is only 
>> ever used by CMS
>> 8038399: Remove dead oop_iterate MemRegion variants from SharedHeap, 
>> Generation and Space classe
>> 8037958: ConcurrentMark::cleanup leaks BitMaps if VerifyDuringGC is 
>> enabled
>> 8032379: Remove the is_scavenging flag to process_strong_roots
>> Testing:
>> We've been running Kitchensink, gc-test-suite, internal nightly 
>> testing and test lists, and CRM FA benchmarks.
>> thanks,
>> StefanK & Mikael Gerdin

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