RFR(M): 8050942 : PPC64: implement template interpreter for ppc64le

Lindenmaier, Goetz goetz.lindenmaier at sap.com
Thu Jul 17 10:20:24 UTC 2014

Hi Sasha,

I tested your change.  Unfortunately it breaks our port.  You need to fix Unsigned to 

--- a/src/cpu/ppc/vm/templateTable_ppc_64.cpp   Wed Jul 16 16:53:32 2014 -0700
+++ b/src/cpu/ppc/vm/templateTable_ppc_64.cpp   Thu Jul 17 12:14:18 2014 +0200
@@ -1929,7 +1929,7 @@
   // default case
   __ bind(Ldefault_case);

-  __ get_u4(Roffset, Rdef_offset_addr, 0, InterpreterMacroAssembler::Unsigned);
+  __ get_u4(Roffset, Rdef_offset_addr, 0, InterpreterMacroAssembler::Signed);
   if (ProfileInterpreter) {
     __ profile_switch_default(Rdef_offset_addr, Rcount/* scratch */);
     __ b(Lcontinue_execution);

If you want to, you can move loading the bci in this bytecode behind the loop.

Could you please fix indentation of relocInfo::none in call_c? Should
be aligned to call_c.

Best regards,

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Please review the patch that ports template interpreter to the
little-endian PowerPC64.
I have tested it on linuxppc64le.
I need a sponsor.



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