RFR (XL) 8031320: Use Intel RTM instructions for locks

Roland Westrelin roland.westrelin at oracle.com
Tue Mar 18 12:20:40 UTC 2014

Hi Vladimir,

> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~kvn/8031320_9/webrev/



483   // return chached value


2510         assert(C->profile_rtm(), "only when rtm deop code is added”);


1440   movptr(tmpReg, Address(boxReg, ObjectMonitor::owner_offset_in_bytes()-2)) ;

Why -2?

In MacroAssembler::fast_lock(), Moving code starting at:
1608     if (UseRTMForStackLocks && use_rtm) {
1715     if (use_rtm) {

to their own methods would be nice.

1787       // Use either "Self" (in threadReg) or rsp as thread identity in _owner.

Is this comment accurate? I don’t see rsp being used.

I don’t understand that part:

1786       // Appears unlocked - try to swing _owner from null to non-null.
1787       // Use either "Self" (in threadReg) or rsp as thread identity in _owner.
1788       // Invariant: tmpReg == 0.  tmpReg is EAX which is the implicit cmpxchg comparand.
1789 #ifdef _LP64
1790       Register threadReg = r15_thread;
1791 #else
1792       get_thread(scrReg);
1793       Register threadReg = scrReg;
1794 #endif
1795       if (os::is_MP()) {
1796         lock();
1797       }
1798       cmpxchgptr(threadReg, Address(boxReg, ObjectMonitor::owner_offset_in_bytes()-2)); // Updates tmpReg


Comments why you need xabort would be helpful


Why are the changes to UseBiasedLocking done here:
964 bool VM_Version::use_biased_locking() {

rather than when the other options are validated, that is code that starts with:

575   // Adjust RTM (Restricted Transactional Memory) flags


1082     if (method_has_option("NoRTMLockEliding") || ((rtm_state & NoRTM) != 0)) {

Why do we need to check the compiler oracle? Doesn't the MDO initialization already take the compiler oracle into account?


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