Suppress error warning in HotSpot backports

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> On 03/18/2014 03:00 PM, Volker Simonis wrote:
> > The warning is OK, just the wording is misleading.
> > 
> > The '-XX:MaxPermSize' option is a VM (i.e. HotSpot option) so it only
> > depends on the actual HS version and not on the JDK version.
> > 
> > After Oracle decided to not follow the express model any more (i.e.
> > downport new HS versions to old Java releases) for them "8.0" is
> > equivalent to "HS 25".
> > 
> > So you could change the wording to say something like "..was removed
> > in this version of HotSpot". But if you run a HS 25 in Java 7 the
> > warning is definitely reasonable and useful because the
> > '-XX:MaxPermSize' option will be simply ignored (because the PermGen
> > is gone).
> Is that ever something other than noise, though?  What use is that
> message to a user?
> > So do you plan do release a version of OpenJDK 7 with HS25?
> We sure do.  There's no way that we're back-porting AArch64 to
> HS24.
> > I think we want to do the same for our commercial SAP JVM, although
> > I'm pretty sure this will require some considerable tweaking. And
> > Oracle will be probably reluctant to integrate such changes into
> > HS25, because they don't want to downport it to Java 7 as far as I
> > know. Not to speak about the fact that you'll have to maintain your
> > own 7u-forest
> That's OK.  We can do that.

Well, we already have it for AArch64 and we've been maintaining one in
the form of IcedTea since 2008. Our hope had been to eventually get rid
of such things though... :(

> > because the official one will probably never contain a HS25.
> Well, that depends.  If some evil security bug comes along that
> requires a chunk 'o rewriting, Oracle may find the motivation.
> But this piece of code just seems wrong to me: it's not that
> unusual to back-port HotSpot releases.

This is annoying already because I'd hoped that we'd be able to merge
the AArch64 port into the IcedTea forest once 7u moved to hs25, simplifying
things a lot. also suggests
we're going to need hs25 unless a better option appears.

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