HotSpot update for 7u?

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Fully updating the HotSpot version in JDK7 to the JDK8 version will not be possible as there is too much changed. Just the fact that PermGen is removed would break a lot of installations if we changed that in JDK7

However, we do still fix HotSpot bugs in JDK7u, but since 7u60 is pretty stable at this point, we focus mainly on fixing regressions or very critical bugs.

We will look at this bug, and we'll see if it can be fixed in JDK7 as well

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We have a fairly simple test case that crashes C2 in jdk7u:

It is fixed in HS25.

I just built jdk7u60 and can confirm that it crashes that too.  I've
looked at the HotSpot logs, and it appears that the register allocator
was reorganized shortly after the HS25 split.  It looks like this
chunk of HotSpot has been substantially rewritten.

So, the question is this: should we update HotSpot in jdk7u?  Or is
that too much of a risk?


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