PATCH: max_heap_for_compressed_oops() declared with size_t, but defined with uintx

Dan Horák dan at
Thu May 22 08:59:03 UTC 2014


I've created a patch [1] to fix usage of uintx where size_t type is
expected in hotspot/src/share/vm/runtime/arguments.cpp

The Arguments::max_heap_for_compressed_oops() method is declared in
arguments.hpp as
	size_t max_heap_for_compressed_oops()
but later defined in arguments.cpp as
	uintx max_heap_for_compressed_oops()

For most platforms the uintx and size_t types are effectively the
same, so the interchange is uncaught, but on s390 (32-bit) the size_t is
"unsigned long" which makes it incompatible with "unsigned int".

This a follow-up of my earlier s390 related patch [2]


Note: I'm Red Hat employee (dhorak at, so I should be covered
by Red Hat's CLA for my contributions.

	With regards


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