Proposal: Allowing selective pushes to hotspot without jprt

Andrew Haley aph at
Sat Sep 13 07:27:33 UTC 2014

On 09/09/14 22:24, Mikael Vidstedt wrote:
> Note that all changes are still required to go through the normal 
> development and review cycle; the proposed relaxation only applies to 
> how the changes are pushed.
> If at code review time a change is for some reason deemed to be risky 
> and/or otherwise have impact on shared files the reviewer may request 
> that the change to go through the regular push testing. For changes only 
> touching the above set of files this expected to be rare.
> Please let me know what you think.

Thank you.  From my point of view as an at-large member of the
governing board, I welcome this change: it is exactly the direction
we need to go for OpenJDK to become an true Open Source project.  Of
course I endorse Volker's point that developers outside Oracle need to
be able to submit jprt jobs, but this is a very welcome step.


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