We REALLY nead a NON-PCH build in JPRT NOW!

Andrew Haley aph at redhat.com
Thu Apr 23 07:42:55 UTC 2015

On 23/04/15 00:42, Coleen Phillimore wrote:
> On 4/22/15, 3:57 AM, Andrew Haley wrote:
>> On 22/04/15 03:01, Daniel D. Daugherty wrote:
>>> Personally, I like the idea of not adding any more new JPRT targets
>>> and reconfiguring to have fastdebug and/or debug builds run as non-PCH...
>>> It's a much simpler policy to explain:
>>>       If we support PCH builds with a particular toolset then product
>>>       builds default to PCH and non-product builds default to no-PCH.
>> But the debug builds are used in development all the time.  It's
>> these that really benefit from PCH.
> I feel like PCH makes development slower.  I change a header file and 
> all the files in the system are recompiled because it happens to be in 
> the precompiled file.

But that'll happen anyway if the change you made is to one of the common
headers.  I can't see that it makes any difference.

Maybe it depends on what you're working on?


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