RFR (M): 8112746: Followup to JDK-8059557 (JEP 245: Validate JVM Command-Line Flag Arguments)

Dmitry Dmitriev dmitry.dmitriev at oracle.com
Mon Aug 3 12:08:26 UTC 2015

Hello Gerard,

As Kim mention, I have one concern about new upper range for 
G1ConcMarkStepDurationMillis which now equal to "DBL_MAX". This value 
can be very huge. For example, I check it on my Linux-x64 and got value 
which is more than 300 characters long. Moreover we can not pass that 
huge value to the JVM since JVM can process only values which less than 
256 characters long. Otherwise it will report that option is improperly 
specified. And also output of "-XX:+PrintFlagsRanges" looks strange with 
this very long value :)
I think that upper range can be lowered for that flag without impacting 
users. For example we can use very big value for that option, e.g. 
10000000000000000000.0 (i.e. something between (double)max_intx and 
(double)max_uintx). G1ConcMarkStepDurationMillis is a duration in 
milliseconds, so max value 10000000000000000000.0 will represent 
duration equal to (((10000000000000000000.0 / 1000) / 3600 seconds) / 24 
hours) / 365 days = ~317097919 years. I think that this will be enough 
for all.


On 31.07.2015 21:04, gerard ziemski wrote:
> Please review this webrev 2 of the follow-up fixes including:
> - Adding DBL_MAX (requested by Kim Barrett)
> - Passing values by value, not pointer, to constraint functions. It was thought originally that me way want to “fix” the values, but it was decided to be out of scope for the JEP. (requested by Coleen)
> - Add print_error_as_needed() utility function to range/constraint code to improve code robustness (requested by Coleen)
> - Remove debug code (requested by Kim Barrett)
> - Implement Flag::flag_error_str in .cpp file (requested by Kim Barrett)
> - Only check constraint if range passes (requested by Kim Barrett)
> - Merged with Sangheon Kim fix for "Add additional validation after heap creation” (JDK-8130459)
> This webrev passes "JPRT -testset hotspot” and “RBT vm.quick testlist”
> References:
>     JEP 245:https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8122937
>         bug:https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8112746
>      webrev:http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~gziemski/8112746_rev2/

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