RFR (M): 8112746: Followup to JDK-8059557 (JEP 245: Validate JVM Command-Line Flag Arguments)

Kim Barrett kim.barrett at oracle.com
Mon Aug 3 20:07:36 UTC 2015

On Aug 3, 2015, at 10:29 AM, gerard ziemski <gerard.ziemski at oracle.com> wrote:
> So I originally had G1ConcMarkStepDurationMillis range defined as "range(0, (double)max_uintx)", but the request was to use mathematically correct bound, ie. DBL_MAX, as any other value would have to be carefully determined as it's a user limiting change.
> Sangheon, is currently working on JDK-8059555, so maybe I should leave this flag to him, since it's a GC flag and he already indicated that he thinks he will need DBL_MAX for other flags? It looks like Sangheon will be faced with the same kind of issue for other flags, so maybe we should leave this issue up to him and have a single discussion about this and other flags at the same time?
> Sanghon, is it OK if I take this particular change out and you and GC team will handle it as you find appropriate while you work on JDK-8059555?

This seems like a good plan for addressing this issue.

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