RFR 8143628: Fork sun.misc.Unsafe and jdk.internal.misc.Unsafe native method tables

Christian Tornqvist christian.tornqvist at oracle.com
Tue Dec 1 19:19:17 UTC 2015

Hi Paul,

Tests in hotspot/test/runtime needs to be jtreg tests. Looking at your tests, I can't see a reason why they can't easily be modified to be jtreg tests instead?

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> On 30 Nov 2015, at 23:33, Paul Sandoz <Paul.Sandoz at oracle.com> wrote:
>> On 30 Nov 2015, at 23:05, Christian Tornqvist <christian.tornqvist at oracle.com> wrote:
>> Because jtreg is the test framework that we use, we've been working hard to reduce the number of test frameworks in use.
> jtreg comes bundled with testng so what is there to reduce?

Here is an analogy:

  jtreg is to testng as launcher is to library

They are complementary to each other i.e. think of testng as an implicit @library that helps one better organize tests and report errors.


Would i be correct in stating that the HotSpot runtime team is taking a conservative position and does not want to deal with such a library, contrary to other areas of the JDK?

Sorry to push back, but I don’t agree with that position (if correct). I am reluctant to change the tests. Please don’t think that complete pigheadedness on my part :-) I just don’t think it’s the right thing to do.

If the HotSpot runtime team will not accept the use of TestNG then I suppose I could unblock by proposing to move the tests to the JDK repo, which I would also be reluctant to do since they caught an issue lying dormant for at least 8 years on certain platforms (not covered by the core testset) that existing hotspot tests never caught.


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