RFR (M): 8145435: [JVMCI] some tests on Windows fail with: assert(!thread->is_Java_thread()) failed: must not be java thread

Christian Thalinger christian.thalinger at oracle.com
Tue Dec 15 20:54:56 UTC 2015


The actual fix for the problem is passing true to os::sleep:

+  const bool interruptible = true;
+  os::sleep(THREAD, 200, interruptible);

since compiler threads are Java threads but I fixed a couple more things...

First, I’ve added the same assert to os_posix.cpp:


because it’s odd to only hit this assert on Windows:

Additionally I’ve changed the way we handle an exception in before_exit:


and moved abort_on_pending_exception into JVMCICompiler and made it private.  It’s used for one thing only now.

Finally I replaced JVMCIRuntime::call_printStackTrace with calls to java_lang_Throwable::print_stack_trace.

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