Sebastian Sickelmann sebastian.sickelmann at gmx.de
Wed Dec 16 16:18:36 UTC 2015


is it possible to compile openjdk with --with-jvm-interpreter=cpp but
without --with-jvm-variants=zero ?

I am getting the following error when i try it on the actual
http://hg.openjdk.java.net/jdk9/hs-rt/hotspot sources.

Building target 'images' in configuration
../../../../../hotspot/src/cpu/x86/vm/frame_x86.cpp: In member function
‘bool frame::safe_for_sender(JavaThread*)’:
../../../../../hotspot/src/cpu/x86/vm/frame_x86.cpp:139:53: error:
‘interpreter_frame_sender_sp_offset’ is not a member of ‘frame’
       sender_unextended_sp = (intptr_t*)
../../../../../hotspot/src/cpu/x86/vm/frame_x86.cpp: In member function
‘void frame::describe_pd(FrameValues&, int)’:
../../../../../hotspot/src/cpu/x86/vm/frame_x86.cpp:698:48: error: a
function-definition is not allowed here before ‘{’ token
 intptr_t *frame::initial_deoptimization_info() {
../../../../../hotspot/src/cpu/x86/vm/frame_x86.cpp:703:34: error: a
function-definition is not allowed here before ‘{’ token
 intptr_t* frame::real_fp() const {
../../../../../hotspot/src/cpu/x86/vm/frame_x86.cpp:720:1: error:
expected ‘}’ at end of input

For the errors in line 698, 703 and 720 i think there is a problem with
the #ifdefs and the curly braces.

Maybe the following patch does the trick:

diff -r f0141966004b src/cpu/x86/vm/frame_x86.cpp
--- a/src/cpu/x86/vm/frame_x86.cpp    Tue Dec 15 17:57:08 2015 +0000
+++ b/src/cpu/x86/vm/frame_x86.cpp    Wed Dec 16 16:40:07 2015 +0100
@@ -690,8 +690,8 @@
       values.describe(frame_no, fp() - i, err_msg("call_stub word fp -
%d", i));
 #endif // AMD64
 #endif // !PRODUCT

But for the missing interpreter_frame_sender_sp_offset I have no idea
how to fix it.

I would love to create a ticket in JBS and start working on it,  if the
cppInterpreter (without zero) should be supported and there is not
ticket yet.


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