RFR: 7143664: Clean up OrderAccess implementations and usage

Dean Long dean.long at oracle.com
Mon Feb 9 19:22:04 UTC 2015

On 2/8/2015 11:14 PM, David Holmes wrote:
> src/os_cpu/bsd_x86/vm/orderAccess_bsd_x86.inline.hpp
> src/os_cpu/linux_x86/vm/orderAccess_linux_x86.inline.hpp
> In OrderAccess::fence doesn't the existing asm already act as a 
> compiler barrier; and on uniprocessor we need neither compiler nor 
> hardware barriers; so isn't the compiler_barrier() redundant?

Wouldn't a uniprocessor need compiler barriers just in case it got a 
context switch in the middle of compiler-reordered


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