Notification about AARCH64 open port merge to jdk9/dev

Andrew Dinn adinn at
Fri Feb 27 09:21:38 UTC 2015

On 26/02/15 21:25, Vladimir Kozlov wrote:
> We are finishing Oracle's internal testing of AARCH64 open port [1].
> I synced staging repo [2] with latest jdk9/dev sources today. The plan
> is to merge AARCH64 sources into jdk9/dev next week.
> I was asked to send this notice to let people test sources in stage
> repository before I push them into jdk9.

I tried rebuilding on AArch64 and immediately encountered a problem with
the AArch64 ad file. This appears to be caused by:

  8068977: Remove unused sun.misc.Unsafe prefetch intrinsic support

which (amongst other things) removed PrefetchRead/Write nodes. However
AArch64 still includes a rule for PrefetchRead/Write.

I'm still looking at how to fix both this problem and whatever else may
be broken once it is fixed (no doubt there /will be/ other breakages).

Previously when pulling upstream changes down into the aarch64-port repo
we had to trawl through the change sets identifying and reapplying
x86_64-specific updates to the AArch64 tree. The same action will be
required with this merge upstream. I don't suppose this requires us to
delay the merge if x86 builds and passes all tests -- Andrew Haley may
have more to say on that front.


Andrew Dinn

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