Debugging HotSpot on Solaris

Karen Kinnear karen.kinnear at
Thu Jun 25 18:57:14 UTC 2015

Years ago Coleen found this is dbx help FAQ: mapping from gdb to dbx :


(A.1) Gdb does <something>; how do I do it in dbx?

The following table list approximately equivalent dbx commands for some
common gdb commands:

GDB                     DBX                       for more information
===                     ===                       ====================

break <line>            stop at <line>            `help stop'
break <func>            stop in <func>            `help stop'
break *<addr>           stopi at <addr>           `help stopi'
break ... if <expr>     stop ... -if <expr>       `help event specification'
cond <n>                stop ... -if <expr>       `help event specification'
tbreak                  stop ... -temp            `help event specification'
watch <expr>            stop <expr>  [slow]       `help event specification'
watch <var>             stop modify &<var> [fast] `help event watchpoint'
catch <x>               intercept <x>             `help intercept'
info break              status                    `help status'
info watch              status                    `help status'
clear                   clear                     `help clear'
clear <fun>             delete <n>                `help delete'
delete                  delete all                `help delete'
disable                 handler -disable all      `help handler'
disable <n>             handler -disable <n>      `help handler'
enable                  handler -enable all       `help handler'
enable <n>              handler -enable <n>       `help handler'
ignore <n> <cnt>        handler -count <n> <cnt>  `help handler'
commands <n>            when ... { <cmds>; }      `help when'

backtrace <n>           where <n>                 `help where'
frame <n>               frame <n>                 `help frame'
info reg <reg>          print $<reg>              `help registers'

finish                  step up                   `help step'
signal <num>            cont sig <num>            `help cont'
jump <line>             cont at <line>            `help cont'
set <var>=<expr>        assign <var>=<expr>       `help assign'

x/<fmt> <addr>          x <addr>/<fmt>            `help examine'
disassem <addr>         dis <addr>                `help dis'

shell <cmd>             sh <cmd> [if needed]      `help sh'

info func <regex>       funcs <regexp>            `help funcs'
ptype <type>            whatis -t <type>          `help whatis'

define <cmd>            function <cmd>            `help ksh syntax'

handle <sig>            stop sig <sig>            `help event specification'
info signals            status; catch             `help status', `help catch'

attach <pid>            debug - <pid>             `help debug'
attach <pid>            debug <a.out> <pid>       `help debug'
file <file>             [unnecessary]
exec <file>             debug <file>              `help debug'
core <file>             debug <a.out> <file>      `help debug'

set editing on          set -o emacs              `help editing'
set language <x>        language <x>              `help language'
set prompt <x>          PS1=<x>                   `help ksh PS1'
set history size <x>    HISTSIZE=<x>              `help ksh HISTSIZE'

set print object on     dbxenv output_dynamic_type on `help c++ dynamic'

show commands           history                   `help history'
dir <name>              pathmap <name>            `help pathmap'
show dir                pathmap                   `help pathmap'
info line <n>           listi <n>                 `help listi'
info source             file                      `help file'
info sources            files; modules            `help files', `help modules'
forw <regex>            search <regex>            `help search'
rev <regex>             bsearch <regex>           `help bsearch'

On Jun 25, 2015, at 2:05 PM, Christian Thalinger wrote:

> dbx.
>> On Jun 25, 2015, at 10:44 AM, Andrew Haley <aph at> wrote:
>> What do y'all do?  GDB can't grok the DWARF which the SunStudio
>> compiler emits, so that's out.  I can't figure out how to persuade the
>> solarisstudio GUI debugger to run the java binary.  I'm really not
>> tempted to learn dbx.
>> I'm sure there must be a way, but it's not obvious.
>> Andrew.

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