RFR: 8143219: AArch64 broken by 8141132: JEP 254: Compact Strings

Andrew Haley aph at redhat.com
Mon Nov 23 15:29:16 UTC 2015

On 11/19/2015 04:48 PM, Tobias Hartmann wrote:
> I've sent an updated version of my fix for JDK-8142303. Maybe you could verify that this solves the problem.

Yes, that looks fine.

  0x0000007fa8582af4: ldr       w12, [x10,#12]
  0x0000007fa8582af8: ldr       w13, [x11,#12]
  0x0000007fa8582afc: asr       w4, w12, #1
  0x0000007fa8582b00: asr       w2, w13, #1
  0x0000007fa8582b04: cmp       w2, w4
  0x0000007fa8582b08: b.gt      0x0000007fa8582d90

substr.count <= string.count

  0x0000007fa8582b0c: cbz       w2, 0x0000007fa8582d98

substr.count != 0



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