RFR (L): 8046148: JEP 158 Unified JVM Logging

Kirk Pepperdine kirk.pepperdine at gmail.com
Tue Sep 8 10:45:42 UTC 2015


Indeed, not all messages are hierarchical. This is one of the reasons I originally questioned the use of log levels. For example, debugging and informational logs may come from the same source and I certainly wouldn’t want to be forced mix them to satisfy a forced structure. Is the intention you can use either or? I ask because I’m not sure that mixing them with tags will alleviate the problems I commonly see when tuning applications in the field.

> Log levels have always been part of the plan as far as I can tell. Both the first and second proposal include the levels in their descriptions. In any case, the JEP is due for integration and it is too late for such a fundamental change to the feature now.

I would like to believe that this work is important enough to get right and that it’s never too late for fundamental changes up until it is integrated. I would like to believe that there are back out strategies in the cases where implementations show unintended consequences.

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Kirk Pepperdine

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